Am I part of prosperity?
How does the world consider me?
Am I part of the rain?
I wonder if I am worth gain,
I’d rather catch the train,

Life is never to purchase,
Am I the horizon?
I can’t tell I am confused,
I can’t clone my reality,
I know I am the identity,
Ain’t the majority,

Life is my headache,
Am I the hate,
I feel like I am weaned,
Part of mine is deaf,
I thought I was the dew,
Now I can’t wear the jewelry,

I feel like I am the jail,
Am I failing?
I can’t understand my will,
I’m falling in a well,
I’m facing the hail,
Life ain’t a please,

Situation is my pressure,
I’m far from the pleasure,
I’d bury myself if I’d fail,
I’m the picture of my success,
I’m the description.