Lately, I’ve been thinking
thinking about us
All the thoughts that comes to mind
leave me with questions without answers

I ask myself
What happened to us?
Where did I go wrong?
What have I done to deserve this pain?
Wasn’t my love enough for you?
For you ended up deciding to leave me.

I ask myself
Why can’t you see the love I have for you?
Why can’t you see that my heart is burning for you?
Why can’t you see that you mean everything to me?

I ask myself
How can I make things right?
How can I give my heart peace?
How can I make you realise how much you mean to me?
How can I make you stay with me?

I ask myself
Was my love not enough for you?
What more do you want, when I give you my heart
but you run away from it?
Tell me what you want
Teach me how to treat you

All I want is to love you
Because you deserve love,
love that is unconditional
And I’m here to give that to you
Because my love for you
is unconditional and immortal