I stand here with,
My mouth stuttering,
My lips shaking,
Like a vibrator,
Words crushing the walls,
Inside my mouth,
With the tale between my legs,

I say I apologise,
For treating you like a slave,
While you are my lifesaver,
You are like software,
That serves me with information,
When I lose my mind,
You are like a pill,
That calms my nerves down,
When I feel overwhelmed,

I am here,
My eyes blinking,
With tears of shame,
And sorrows,
Just wanna say Iโ€™m sorry,
You cooked for me,
You ironed for me,
You still clean after me,

I should have said โ€œThank Youโ€
But I was too proud,
A pride betrayed my mind,
It stole the words,
Out of my mouth,
And now I apologise for that.