Wait who are you calling a fool?
Really? Are you asking me that question?
Yes? Oh. Yeah. I am a fool.
I fooled myself so many times
I fooled myself believing that I know,
Yet I know nothing.
I fooled myself believing a fool like me doesn’t exist,
Yet I exist.
Ke sehlaela, le dikgogo di kaone
Why didn’t you tell me that I’m being fooled?
Wait, I did tell you but you didn’t listen.
You thought I was misleading you.
Stop, I got the message
How did I mess up my life like this?
How did I…
Wait. I don’t think those questions are meant for me.
Why not?
O ngwana magana gobotswa,
I told you “gore ge o sa kwe nna o tla kwa dinyonyane”.