I am powerful, I am immovable
I am strong, I am unshakable
I am woman

Come at me with all you got, shake me with all your might,
treat me like a slave
You will not break my spirit

Kill me with your repugnant words, degrade me with your
callous behavior, I will not fall

Your bloodied words give me power, your misogynistic
smile gives me strength
I maintain I am a woman

I am made from the winds of wisdom of the east, the gifted
rains from the west, the power of the north and the beauty
of the south

My roots are firmly planted on the soil of my ancestors, I
will not quiver. Your functionality is weakened without me,
you suck your strength from me, yet I never run dry.

My fierceness transcends the ages, my resilience you can
never replicate, my puissance coruscates the skies
Try as you might, you can never fully capture me, my soul,
my essence

I am a woman, I am strong, I am woman