The truth is I am not yours anymore
I belong to someone else
Someone much better than you
It is the plain truth
I am not blowing my own horn
I smile more and I haven’t smiled that much with you
You may not want to believe it
But I am a better woman now
What I feel is real
It feels good, I tell you
I am not yours anymore

I am sorry if it hurts
But I am gone
Our chapter has ended
This new chapter is so much better
I am not going anywhere, maybe not soon if not forever
I am going to be a keeper this time
It is worth it
The truth is my heart is here
I am not yours anymore

I am someone else’s and what we have is reciprocal
I don’t regret that we have carried on so shortly but mostly,
I don’t regret at all that I am not yours anymore
There is nothing left between us and it is no one’s fault
The truth is I’m elated
Don’t think too much about me
I am not yours anymore.