I don’t need you with me,
But I need me with you.
You know what?
Because I don’t see me without you.

Though my words aren’t believable,
Love I gave to you, you need to believe it.
Sometimes I wish to wash your feet,
Because you always run through my mind.

Another thing,
My heart is concealed.
No one to access,
But your only love:
Please have faith that I love you.

I hate to love you,
Because I keep longing for you
Even when you’re gone.
My door never closes,
Cause there is a hope that you may come back.

I miss You.
Girl, I used to move to and fro streets:
I don’t need tangible things,
Even friends they think about rings.

To love you changed my life,
Even hunger is no longer my strife,
My heart is diluted by your love.

I can’t buy your happiness,
But to keep your smile is my desire,
Loving you is my pleasure.
I swear me and you, our love is without measure.

The sound of beating of heart is skipped every time I see you,
Great feeling is to know I am loved by you.