I may not look like you
Or smell like you
But come a little closer
You’ll see, you and I
Aren’t complete strangers
We all deal with the same issues of life
Just because I don’t eat like you
Or dress like you
It doesn’t mean
I’m less of a human being than you

So, how dare you!?
How dare you judge me
‘Cause of the way I look
Without asking me about my life
And what I’ve been through?
My past was a mess, that’s why my clothes are dirty
Mom and dad cleaned it up for you
And you’re calling me lazy?
Cut the crap, you make me mad
Your assumptions are bad
One more generalisation
And I swear I’ll snap!
Okay, so now I’m an angry street gangster
‘Cause I demand you see me better
But how come when you do the same
It’s a human rights case?
See, the issue
I’m mislabeled ‘cause of the way I look
But the problem lies with you
And how you choose to view me

Look…just because, we’re not running
At the same pace
It doesn’t mean you should cut me off
From the human race
Pause. Read that again.
So before you judge me
First recognise that I am you and you are me
‘Cause the same God who made you
Is the same who made me
We’re His picture
Yes! And that’s the Scripture.
Anyway, I’m “the poor”, I’m “the homeless”
And I’m “the street kid”
A project to you
And it may not be known to you
But I know, I’m no project
‘Cause God made me a human too.