I am no saint nor an angel
I wrong every second
I curse day in and day out
I rape and kill the innocent
I am proud of that.

I lurk and strike fiercely
I needn’t an ivitation to show up
I do what I am good at
So should you.
I am proud of myself.

I am immortal
I fought a long fight with Adam and Eve
But I conquered
You know the drill, nature always win.

I am a sadist
I enjoy seeing you in black gowns
I can’t get enough of your lugubrious face
I am a hero.

I shut down heroes
I take breadwinners and leave orphans
I select my prey randomly
No logic
I fish in one place more than two times

I never attended school
I don’t need fancy qualifications to do my assigned task
But still, I excel.
Am I a hero or am I a hero?

I am greedy
I am unique, there is only me.
I cease everyone’s journey
When humans are born, my ecstacy is boosted.
My job is still secured.

I am what you’re afraid of.