My black person standing proudly
Dressed in scars without which
I would not call her beautiful
Scars which make her everything she is
And are reminders of every battle she’s won.
I am black because we are survivors

I am black because the beauty we pose
Is unlike any other you’ve seen or will see.
We go through the most but we are warriors
No other person had to work to attain what was theirs but us
Even still we soldiered on bravely
To make proud our lost soldiers
Who got their blood-shed for us

My continent, the most beautiful you’ve ever seen
Filled with wonders you could not begin to imagine
Because the grounds are laid
With the most beautiful and priceless paint
You could never afford
The blood of the innocent slain for their inheritance
I am black because we are beautiful, strong, and wise
Because we fought to be black