Who are we? Are we not to know who we are?
Who are we not to be courageous-
to find ourselves?
We strive for freedom
but we remain undefined.

We search every culture
but we never fit in
Then who are we if we have no culture?
Does our culture define who we are?
Well, we don’t know if it defines us.
We try to fit in with different people
but we still don’t know who we are.
Our skin never defines who we are.

What I know is that I’m black
and I am African.
Africa was my birth place.
When I’m not searching
they say I’m not trying.
When I start searching
they say I try too much.
Now, I don’t know who am I.
I ask my mother;
She runs around like a banshee.
I ask my father,
but he just sings the blues.

No one knows who you are:
only you know who you are.
I started a journey to know who I am.
Joy! I found who I am.
I’m a boy who loves his eyes
I’m a boy who loves nature
It calls me