I am a child of the soil.
The descendant of the sun.
The new generation of the stars.
And the climax of the story.
Ncam…Ncam the greatest there ever was.

My voice is heard above the clouds,
In the midst of a storm it commands
Serenity and peace.
It is my horn of fluency.
I swear I cannot walk on water or turn water into wine.
But with my pen and paper
The Zambezi river and the Victoria Falls
Are weaker than I.

I represent the element of mud.
I’m brown and thick.
I’m broad and best.
My art carries me above the women on the moon.
I fall in the alignment of stunning creations.

I am here not to play but to act upon the angry crowds.
To force a smile to the down sad rusted faces.
To lighten my circles.
To tell black stories as explicit as they are.

I stand with the warriors who rose above death.
Who strolled on carelessly on water.
Warriors who caught more fish than the best of fisherman.
And I… And I represent the next alignment of great stars.