I’m born to be a leader!
I have been raised and destined to be a leader,
I’m might be leading small and undermined things,
But I’m born to lead and appointed the leader.
It doesn’t matter how, when and where I will lead,
But I ‘m being prepared and predicted to be a leader,
I might not have a face of a leader but I have a heart of leadership.

Yes! I am a leader, born and created to be a leader.
I am the champion, but not ordinary champion,
But I am the champion of faith and action,
I believe in my creator who called me to be a leader.
I might be a pedestrian but still, I am a leader,
I might be a shameful stock at this moment but I am a leader,
I might look despised and be undermined but I am a leader.
I am purposed, chosen to be a leader, not a follower,
Instead, I’m the head, not the tail,
Not because I despise the tails, it’s just that I don’t prefer it.

I might be staying in unrecognizable place,
But to tell you the truth, I am a leader,
Ask me when things get stuck up or down,
I will wake up with yenning; I will still telling you that.
I am a leader and genuine leader.