Water gives life
We need water to live and be sustained
But what if one day we run out of water

Then who will quench our thirst
Germs and bad odours will be all we experience
Sometimes there will be too much water
Water that will cause floods
Cause deaths and destroy buildings

I am a soul equally capable of that
We all want happiness, love and tender care
We all deserve love
Teenagers are drowning in a pool of depression
They thirst for love and comfort

Rivers of love are dry
Tornadoes, cyclones and thunder attack our future generations
Let us go back to our origin
Let parents love and raise future leaders
Let them motivate and never kill their children’s dreams

Let children go back to their position
Respect and seek advice from the elderly
We only need few drops of water for a seed to become a fruit
And I vow to be that drop
I vow to be the sunshine of my country