I’m a young black patient girl,
I’m a daughter of a black praying woman,
Who taught me how to respect,
I’m kind, friendly, lovable and always happy,
But sweetheart,
Don’t take my generosity for granted,
Because I don’t tolerate nonsense.

I’m smart, intelligent, and a hard worker,
Because of my mistakes in the past,
People think I’m not capable of doing better things in the future,
Being born by both popular parents
Taught me how to be confident,
Independent and strong.

I told myself that I would never undermine myself,
I am perfect,
And I have a powerful voice,
One thing I know is that
Perfection is a disease of a nation,
No one wants to see me perfect.

I am ambitious, charming and sensitive,
I have a peaceful, cheerful voice,
Whereby I found it attractive,
Haters do your job,
To those who are watching my life,
Should I increase the volume for you?