Then He said: “I’m not here to lift your spirit, but to motivate you to lift your own spirit. Yes, I’ve given you the way God wants us to worship Him, but it’s up to you to prosper in order to connect and install the only son He gave.”

God sacrificed His only son in order for you to get a chance to be holy again, since we were all born holy. His blood from the cross can wipe all your sins away, and there is no need to worry about tomorrow or what you lack because all your desires can be fulfilled. I had to realise that I needed to change my lifestyle and my hobbies in order for me to change the current situation.

Although I had a million questions in my mind, I was depressed and scared to voice out the gospel of Christ to people. I never knew why I had shame about what I believe in, and this made me mend the truth I have known since I was born. Now I’m back in the main stream, facing the river, and I have to admit that I was twisted.


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