I’m sorry I did you wrong
It wasn’t my intention to make you sad
I know right now in your eyes, I’m that bad
Guy who broke a woman’s heart
I know I broke the bond that was so strong
I know this pain went straight to your heart and had a bite
I admit I was wrong

I did something I wasn’t supposed to do
And now that caused an injury to us
And I will do all in my power to fix things fast
Because I don’t want to see you go

I am sorry I’m not being the man you always dreamed about
I failed to play my role as your man
And make everything run right
And right now I know I’m the last
Person you want to see or talk with on Earth
And I’m really sorry and that is the fact

I failed to control myself
I failed to give all the love you deserve
All I want is you not the rest
I admit I did wrong