I used to think that love can only hurt you Internally,
when your heart is broken.
But I guess I was wrong,
It can also hurt you Physically,
since you beat me Brutally.
Yet you still say you love me Unconditionally.

I went to the police station to report you.
The cops said I was Physically Abused.
Am I the only one who never knew about being hurt physically by love?
Since the cops have a term for this abuse.
You may say I have a lot to learn,
because clearly, I don’t know a thing about Love.
So what is Love?

I thought that the grass was greener on the other side,
because I left My Ex for you.
The day I left him,
he told me that I’ll never find someone like him.
I guess he was right,
because I miss him.
He never laid a hand on me,
Unlike you.

Is Love supposed to hurt like this?
If the answer is ‘yes’,
then I QUIT.