You are the key to love,
peace and happiness.
You were the daily bread
of a black person.
Where did you go?

People believed in you
because you made them
live in harmony. Back then
they were sharing and caring.
Our great-grandparents lived
cheerfully and peacefully,
you united them
together they were stronger!
Where did you go?

You disappeared like a shooting
star in the sky and sadly it’s like
you were never there.
Did our ancestors take you with
them? You let hatred, money,
jealousy and witchcraft take over.
People have forgotten about you,
Death appeared with pride.
Where did you go?

We’re killing each other
women and children live
in fear. That bright future of
a black person is slowly vanishing.
I am crying out loud so that
you can hear me I know you’re
still there.
Where did you go?

I plead with God to raise you up in
our dirty hearts and minds.
You’re powerful, you’re my only
hope. Make us unite again and
strive for kindness and peace.
Ubuntu! Ubuntu! Ma Africa!
Where did you go?