I am black
I am white
I am everything you are
I am human

I am a man
I am a womean
I am everything you see
I am human

I feel pain
I feel joy
I feel everything you feel
I feel human

I am different
I am unique
I am who I am
But still I am human

Hit me
Kill me
But still, I will always be human

You think I am a monster
You think I am a fool
You think I am so different from you
You think I am not human

You fear me
You hate me
You look down on me
You think I am not human

You hunt for me
As if I am a monster
Perhaps if you were to look into the mirror
You might find what you are looking for

You claim I am a murderer
And yet you are the one
To pull the trigger

Call me a violent
And yet your actions kill my brothers and sisters

I fight for peace and equality
And yet you still see me
As a threat

Am I a monster?
Do you see in me
A reflection of you?

Am I a bad person
When I ask for some air?
Am I a bad citizen
When I obey the law and still get shot
And left to die like an animal on the streets?
Am I a bad wife
When I ask for you to stop hitting me?

I do not have the power to change my skin colour
I do not have the power to change my gender
So I am different
And that is what makes me HUMAN
Just like you