I haven’t forgotten about you
All the memories we made together
Keep me preoccupied
You promised to love me till the end

Suddenly you left without even leaving a note
I constantly cried and wrote you letters,
Telling you how much I miss you and want you to come back.
Oh! pardon me, maybe I’m the one who is wrong here

I should have noticed the red flags.
Flip it! I now recall all your presumptuous acts
But then, you used to brush them off by uttering
Three words that melted my heart, “I love you”

You should have told me to not get too attached
At least I wouldn’t have loved you with my all
I thought you were my pillar, but clearly you are my killer
Because a part of me is left dead
Now I’m always sad
However, I do not hate you

Seemingly you have placed a new tenant in your heart
While I’m still trying to recuperate

Now every day I wake up hoping that you might come to me
Not that I still love you
My eyes just long for your image
I want to face you and say this in your presence
That you are really good at playing with someone’s heart

Don’t be surprised when you see my eyes
They are reddish and are no longer filled with love
I wiped those heart-pupils along with tears
However, bear in mind that I don’t hate you