Do you notice how twisted we are?
I mean all three of us, we are all burdened.
We hide our true feelings every day with a stupid fake smile.
We carry other people’s burdens even though our bodies, minds, hearts and souls can’t support our own burdens.
We play the role of Mother Africa to everyone, even when we feel that our wombs can’t carry our own offspring.
We go through every day like life is nothing but a bunch of Valentine roses and chocolate.
I mean, we are just so stupid, the three of us.
Me, myself, and I.
We love listening to other people telling us their problems and troubles but hate expressing our own because we can’t even handle the pain of listening to ourselves talk about our own pains.
Ain’t we just so pathetic?
We say “it’s fine” but our eyes and body language always beg to differ.
Every night, we go to bed with blood pouring out of our eyes but we wake up with a smile that can heal a nation.
We are just pathetic
We are just stupid
We are so twisted
Every day we lie, lie to people, lie to ourselves but every time in the middle of the night when everyone is getting their beauty sleep; when the only thing haunting the streets are spirits that has not yet found peace; when blood sucking creatures come out to play; our lies come back to haunt us like a bad nightmare that just won’t go away, no matter what story book they read to us or what lullabies they sing for us.
And all we’ve got is just our beds, blankets, pillows, the clock on the wall that tells for how much longer our pain will go, and the three of us.
Me, myself, and I.