I tried everything:
I prayed,
I cried,
but pain keeps eating me inside.
Shall I talk?
My heart say’s no but my mind say yes.
I tried doing everything but it’s never succeeded.

What can I do
to get over this pain?
To forget that day?
Who can I talk to?
Because it seems no-one’s to be trusted.

How can I move on
when its still hurts so much?
I just need a sign
that can guide me.
A lot has happened,
so much time has been wasted.

I’m tired of being quiet.
I wish to do something but I’m scared.
Scared because I see myself as useless.
I need to be proud of my self but
the question in my heart still stands:
How can I heal?

Advice: Sometimes you can do all the right things and find out that none of them are working. The only thing you can do is to pray for seven days at night and ask God to heal your heart. You can do it all but if your heart is still a stone, you won’t succeed. Lastly, you must confess your sins to be forgiven.