How rude is life!
One moment it gives you
Something then suddenly
Takes it away from you.
How unfaithful it is! One moment
It makes promises intending
To keep them but
Then it drops you
When you least expect it.

How dishonest it is! Pretend to
Be your friend and keep your
Secrets but it exposes
You in front of everyone.
How uncaring it is! Always giving
You no time for rest.

How unfair it is! Taking
Your loved ones away from you.
How unpredictable it is! Always getting what it wants.
How ungrateful it is! You’re
Always trying to please it,
But in the end, what does it do?
It disappoints you
Just like that.
How naughty it is!
Showing us what we don’t want to see
And expecting us to live with it.

How rude and unthoughtful
Are people, always expecting
Life to treat them like royals
When they treat life
Like some useless garbage