I open my social networks
There is one thing that I see, it’s been days.
Each day comes with a new name added to the list.
How long shall we cry for justice to prevail?
Oh what sin have we committed?
Who did we wrong so we can ask for forgiveness,
Those who are supposed to protect us are the ones
In the forefront of raping and killing us.

I am tired of being scared, I am even afraid of loving.
These days loving a man has become equivalent
To digging my own grave. Loving someone has become
A suicide note only that I do not know when my day is coming.

How long shall we cry? Who will speak for us and be heard
For it seems like our screams fall on deaf ears.
We are faced with the biggest pandemic of all times
And that pandemic does not require medication,
It just needs men to tell us what crime we have committed
That cannot be forgiven.

I am a female and I am scared.
Each time I leave the house I say to myself
If I come back I shall rejoice for my return is not guaranteed.
We are oppressed by those who say they love us.
When has love become a death contract oh how long shall we cry?

How long shall we cry for justice
How long shall I think multiple times before I leave home
I mean how do I even know that I am safe
Where I am supposed to be safest which is home.
Those are the questions amongst other questions we women ask ourselves.
What sin have we committed that does not deserve forgiveness
But rather rape and murder is what we get served.

I am Sharon Ncube and I stand proud against GENDER-BASED VIOLENCE.

Allow us to live in an environment where rape and murder
Is not of concern to our girl children, our girl infants,
Our sisters, our mothers, and our grandparents,
For they have no age group that they rape and kill
That’s how cold they are.

They do not know the pain of bringing a person to earth
That’s why they don’t have a problem with taking life out of one.
Enough is enough
We need peace as the females of this world.
Rape does not prove you are a man
But rather shows how much of a coward you are.