Story of how we met,
I felt like choking,
Smoking erupting,
Caught flu on the spot,
I was very much sweating,
The colour of your eyes teased me,
The sound of your voice mesmerised me,
I could not feel my legs for a sec,
I told myself to be brave,
As more I looked into you I trembled,
I felt some goosebumps,
Suddenly words disappeared,
I guess I had shortcomings,
Said what was in my heart,
All that was bothering me lifted above my shoulders,
Could not sleep all night,
Waiting for your response,
For a while I thought you were not interested,
That was killing me,
An accident almost happened,
As I was starting to give in,
You gave me a chance,
I never regret persuading my feelings for you,
I am happy today because of that foundation,
Patience plants a seed,
Tomorrow you reap the rewards,
If it is love it will stand.