How would it feel to be many centuries old?
No health problems,
Cough and sneeze for fun without being alarmed,
Live day to day knowing the next one is guaranteed.

You are unwelcomed, for your stay is permanent,
We have lost so many to you yet they still influence our thoughts,
We can never experience freedom,
For you are a boundary around us.

Funny how we all know that we are destined to meet you,
Why then do we believe we are destined for greater things?
You intecede before we reach those,
All the time you are so close.

Couldn’t you just take a vacation?
What about a new planet for relocation?
You come to us without a bit of hesitation?
Is our end that much to your satisfaction?

Until the day comes that you are no more,
We will forever pray for your demise,
A prayer that will be passed from generation to generation,
For we know that kind of unity is a disease to your disposition.