The way I love you, words or even
My actions could never express
I try by all means to be with you,
I try to make you smile, but honey
You’re so insatiable. Uyathandwa
Ndim ……. Kakhulu

I guess only I and my heart know exactly
How much I love you
I wish I could really make you smile
Make you laugh and make you love me more
I can if I pray hard and ask God to help me
Because I know he can

He hears my prayers and knows how to make them real life
And make this true love
Honey I could never ask for more
Than for you to care for me and love me, respect me
And for you to treat me like your queen
So that I can treat you like my king

I love you, I love you, I love you
You make the sun shine for me,
You make the stars smile at me
And you make the rain shower me with blessings
You are my heart’s desire and you are my African King
Would I be asking too much to be…

Your queen? You make everything look simple and easy
You dry up and wipe away my tears
The way you look at me, you
Just make me blush
How do I explain if I’m confused myself?
All that matters
Is that I love you