You don’t requisite man’s wisdom, nor need man’s power or knowledge
You don’t contemplate the man’s riches, nor require the exultance of man
How amazing You are to consider humbleness and faithfulness
What riches are at hand in faithfulness that You value it the most
Why faith is your key to connect with mankind?

The research experts cannot really find who You Are
The theologies and scientist are still puzzled
Religious mans tried to demarcate You,
But impotent to get the full picture of who You Are
You are invisible in the flesh eyesight of human being

Mans are flabbergasted on how you formed the universe,
And amazed how you made mankind,
It’s a mystery how you made man to emanate to life
It’s so furtive of how man’s gets to demise
God-You so startling how You do things.

How wonderful and superior are You?
We see how the nature behaving against each other
Responding to each other in a grateful way,
Communicate with mankind in a respectful manner, and
Give basic need to the mankind-You are the SOURCE in this.

I truly have a desire to know You better
I certainly have an aspiration to comprehend your divinity
I need to understand more of your supremacy
At all-times to feel your presence and manifestation.

It’s so amazing just to have faith to connect with You above all things to please You,
Relationship with You is through your beloved Living Son
It’s remarkable and delightful how you loved the world