And clock was so silent to give me time.
My heart was so tired to commit to those
Who don’t commit to myself.

My soul was drowned by pains past passed to me,
If I was a fool to be loyal,
Please tell me what I’ve done to bring this weight to me.
It’s heavy,
I was thinking I invest in trust but all faded like nothing to last,
All ended so fast.

It’s done,
It brought me pain, but I forgive you
Without forgetting pain you brought to me
I won’t be back,
I want no tear fall back,
I want no sadness back,
I want no concealed pain back,
I want no comparison and lies back.

I just want myself to be back,
Please don’t let me be black like coal without heat,
Never again to melt my heart with serpent eyes.
New life to hanker after, to bring more sweet-hearted banter,
Like a star,
I will rise and light up world around me.
Good is what my eyes have pleasure to see.