I remember a time when schooling was a necessity
When turning tricks would be so unnecessary
I remember a time when eager learners came to school
Too scared to play the fool
Eager to do their work
When moms and dads
Put on their own uniforms
And clothing to work

There was hope at that time
There was hope placed upon that child
Parents who never made it in life
Knew that their children
Would change their fortunes
And make a difference when they rolled the dice

But that was then
And it is different to now
Now parents are burying Young ones
Burying loved ones
All due to drugs
All due to guns
Now more people are pregnant
Than before
It’s difficult to keep score
Now boys and girls are murdered
With little tears of murmurs
Now gangsters lick their wounds
Ready to avenge their brothers
Ready to avenge their mothers
Forgetting about caring
Forgetting about sharing
Only worried about guns blaring

Yet there are still parents and grandparents of yesteryear
Who have hope for the children
Yes they whisper in our ears
It is possible to still go for one’s dreams
Though the scenery has changed
From gravel to marvel
From plot to plan
From river to sea
From man to man
Still I have hope
That the children of today
Yes they still can

There were few opportunities in the past
Yet people struggled with their last
Easily able to get a job
Easily able to hold onto that job
There are more opportunities now
But so much competition in the crowd
Now it’s a race for the top of the class
Now it’s B.E.E., you’ll be lucky if you are cast

Now you have to go overseas
To feed your needs
Your loans need to be paid
They will gain interest
Else you’ll be played
Cost of living has risen
Cost of drugs has risen too
You’d be lucky if you could afford
A huff and a puff or two

Yet still that little old lady in the corner
With knitting needles in her hands
Still hopes and believes
That one day
There will be a change of plans
She goes on her knees every night and every day
She prays for her children and grandchildren
To make it through the day
“Please dear Lord keep them safe from harm’s way
Please bring my child home safely
To be safe here at home from harm’s way”

So yes there is hope for the future
It depends on what you make it to be
It depends on whether you will change the tides in the sea
So that you can flow freely
So that you and your family can be at peace

“I have hope for the future
And so did my grandmas
They left this earth fulfilled
‘Cause they knew
They embedded good values
In their children and children’s children
All those prayers for their children
Going and coming home from university and school
All those walks to university with their children
All those talks to their children during trials and tribulations
All those dreams that you and I shared Ma
All those dreams have come true

And so my hope continues for the rest of you…
May the joy and peace of God always remain with you