I find myself deep in the pool of joy,
I cannot breathe freely because the joy
is overwhelming. Only a man who
shares the same faith with me,
that is reaching for the stars is
possible to grasp what I feel inside.

I’m like a baby taking its first leaps forward,
knowing the whole of the journey
in front is yet to be walked and awaits only him.

I’m a soldier with an assignment,
an actor in the movie in which am the director.
I’m a man on a mission whose very end
still remains a covered mystery,
but I hope where ever that is life
will have mutated to be more kind to me.
I hope the terrains are as magnificent
as they have always been in my own imaginations.

Above all I hope the sea shore sand
is a better sweet aroma to that of the flower scent,
I hope to encounter my destiny and shake his hand.
Would it not be marvelous to sit with my success
and have a chat with him. Explaining to him a long
way I had to travel so as to meet him.I HOPE……