The forsaken truth kills,nor heal, Who’s watch is being played? Who knew a stone could feel, And share sympathy like mourning grannies.

Lean peri the honey, I was too good to cease The taste of a lifetime.
I longed to grab it delightful. Who on earth can just be pleased, Generations tried but no one was remarkable.

I once grabbed the honey then the bees faded, Meds kept me going but it shall pass as
I found the honey I should suffer the consequences,
Termination is my only relief from H.I.V.

The worms shall have a taste of the “honey that kills”.
I surely know my well captivity is underlying in my veins. Door to door bees flying like they are lost while they
Know whom and how they want to inject the honey. Womanising is no child’s play but a way through to the bitter honey.