It sucks being homeless.
Cold, rainy and sunny days
I’m left all alone, nowhere to go

Will humans ever change their ways?
They just pass me by, how painful, don’t they know?

Trash to trash
Looking for something to eat
Corner to corner
Sleeping on the street

Applying for jobs, but who will hire me?
With my worn out clothes, I’m homeless can’t you see?

My heart bleeds for my family
I’m lonely every day, every month and every year
I cry about this, usually
I cry until that last drop of tear

See, it sucks being homeless
It sucks being homeless because I have no place to call home

It sucks being homeless because I have nowhere to go
It sucks being homeless because I no longer want to roam

Nor do I want to sleep on the snow
But what sucks the most is….
This year again, I’ll be alone on Christmas day
Lonely and crying myself to sleep

But for how long will things stay this way?
I just want to be happy, I no longer want to weep

All I want tonight
Is a place to lay my head
And that little piece of bread