He said he loves me.
He said he’ll take good care of me.
He said he’ll comfort me.
He said he’ll be everything to me.

He looked into my eyes,
Then he smiled
And said sisi I love you.
Maybe because he does.

He said baby,
Take my hand
And said I want you to feel safe.
He said he’ll take good care of me.

He gave me a hug
And said whenever you need me,
I’ll be your comfort.
And you’ll never need a pillow or teddy bear.

He then kissed me on the cheek,
And then held me so close to him
Then he said baby whatever your needs are
I’ll do my best for you to get them.

He said I’ll be everything to you.
Because love there is no one like.
He made me want to cry and he made me believe he is the one.
His sweet words made me go raven.