Be a joker in muted mood.
To be silent
To be ready to give until you have nothing left,
I am hoping one of them will show me.
They keep leaving me and I am to scared
To offer up anything more than my body
To get them to stay.

I know we’ve never been “together”.
I know you said to move on.
I tried to be fine with wading this weather,
But the love in my heart still tells me it’s wrong.

Now, I’m not saying I’m resentful,
But you did treat me like I was special.
Lately it has been so uneventful.
And I’m starting to think this isn’t a game…

I get a little jealous when you look at other girls.
I know we’re not together, but…You are my whole world.
I get a little jealous when you talk about them too.
It’s because we’re not together, but…
You told me that you liked me…You told me that you do.

I’ve deleted all of your things,
‘Cause I can’t bear to see your face.
My prized possessions…I should’ve given you space.
Why wouldn’t you make me yours, like you wanted to?
Now we’re apart, now we’ll both just be blue.
And now I regret this – now I really do.
True, I’m a little weird, but we’re both crazy.
I know what you’re afraid of.
I know it is not me.

I had my first dream last night that you weren’t in.
Not even a minor character,
Your damned name wasn’t even in the credits,
Let alone plastered across the sky in flashing lights.
Like you want it to be.
My first reality that you didn’t belong with me.
And it was the most blissful peace that I can remember
Since we bathed in pools of cloud.

And I would rather be the catkins.
That hold on to your dreams in flight.
And I would rather be the honeybees.
That take away your bitterness, despair and fright

Please show me how to love my humility.
Please bring back my happiness, my willingness
To be your eternal shadow and not just
Momentary sunshine.

For my love for you is not above all,
But within every breath of life.
Every little trace of my soul that can’t be reached by words,
Only your touch can mesmerise my inner being.