My heart can’t be controlled and
My mind examines everything decision,
Which is taken by my heart,
I didn’t know that expectations kill your mood,
My heart expected me and you to be bonded together,
Now that my mind processes everything that happened,
None of my heart expectations took place,
Now the regrets are starting to buzz like a bee in my ear,
What could I have expected that is better?

I was always told the sky is the limit,
So my mind didn’t ever accept that,
It always shot for the stars and moon,
I always expect the unexpected,
You have hurt me by not doing what I expected,
You have changed how I would have approached the situation,
My heart wants to forgive and forget everything but,
My mind still holds the grudge of my expectations,

For you I have always had thoughts,
Thoughts that are out of this world,
Thoughts where only you and I exist,
I can’t help myself, I expect a lot from you,
I can’t interrogate my mind about these expectations,
And at the end of the day they kill us both,
High expectations don’t have a switch