When I saw you I felt something special.
Something changed inside me.
Without you…I am a drop of dew.
A lonely planet in the space.

A grain of sand on the coast.
Be with me.
I will be able to give you unearthly happiness.
I need only one chance to implement such plan.
I need you to gaze at my photo and feel the same.

β€œYou are my every desire”
So how can I tell you all this.
My vocal chords go silent when you smile at me.
You are my love until the end of time.
Maybe I am just a little dreamer.

Can I be your everything?
β€˜Cause you mean the world for my heart.
You love bright flowers. You enjoy beautiful romantic scenes.
Strolling along the seafront.

Looking at the reflection of the moon.
Walking with a caring and gentle woman of my dreams.
One gentle look towards you.
I get edges of passionate kissing and touching your body.
Where we can drown in blazing flames of love.
The fire of love and only the two of us immensely in it.
Close your eyes and feel me close to you.
I am here and I am the reward you have been waiting for.

I caress your hands.
I’ll draw my tongue over your delicate skin.
I will do everything that is good for you.
My lips crave your kiss.
Anticipating your reply.