Hey you!
Yes I mean you!
No need to hide you!
We know you!
We have seen you!

Hey you!
What do you think you are doing?
Who do you think you are fooling?
Who do you think you are playing?
Who do you think you are betraying?

Hey you!
What are you capable of?
Is your talent determined by Him?
Are your doings worth your looks?
Are you happy with yourself?

Hey you!
What do you say when you are treated like a king?
Even birds bow down for you.
Though I am exclaimed and want to ask,
Do you do the same or the opposite?

Hey you!
You wander around fooling them with a pretty face and smile.
You hide yourself by the shadow of church.
You attract them with your smooth talk and care of pretence.
You run around collecting and filling your jar of hearts.

Hey you!
What’s with the chide?
What’s with the heart-breaking?
What’s with the black cloud like a black widow shadow?
What’s with the sneaking and sniffing at night?

Hey you!
I have a little sweet message for you!
This message will forever change you!
This message is meant for you!
I wrote it for you!

Hey you!
Return all the love and respect.
Remove that mask you are wearing.
Split and give back those hearts in a jar.
Show your true colours and insights.

Hey you!
Wash those blood of innocents in your hands.
Tell the world nothing but the truth.
Tell them that you are a criminal.
Tell them that you are a vicious snake.

Tell them that they don’t deserve you.
Birds of the same colour flock together,
Go find your flock in your prison or hell.
Because that is your most suitable habit.
Hey you! Just go….