Upon me,
Despicable things you have done.
Hence I neither love you-
Nor hate you.
But merely tolerate you.

“Done in the past,
And from past-
We should drift away”.
You often say.

But the wounds you caused-
Have not yet healed.
Pain you inflicted,
Has not yet subsided.
Injustices you performed,
Are still to be rectified.

Done in the past,
But reverberating in the present.
The sufferings and pains of our fathers-
Perennially linger.
Echoing into the youth.
So how can I simply move on and forget?
Forgive me my white extremist mate,
If I cannot just as yet,
Trust you completely.
To walk with you in a dark alley.
I feel the need to be cautious.
Lest you get me unconscious.
To strangle and bury me.
For in similar settings,
In the past such actions-
Were merely mundane.
Done with bravado
And you were deemed a hero.

I do hope,
My mate.
That the time will come.
When we shall be brethren.
The past may be forgotten.
When I can nonchalantly give you a dagger,
With its sharp end pointing at my stomach
And I would expect no danger.
But it’s not in the near future.
Unless you see yourself the same as me