I hope you are great
I just wanted to say
I have remembered everything

I have been wondering
Trying to find some roots
Of the budding poetry
After all you weren’t one

Only painting I traced,
A while ago.
I had seen your paintings
And of course art on your qualification

But in a moment
Something came up
I think I have remembered
Everything you taught me

You were the first teacher
I had
You taught me to read
Before starting primary school

You made me look like a hero
At school.
I could read for others,
And claim the applause.

In form one,
You wrote me something.
Antonyms, synonyms, homophones…
I liked to play with them.

Honestly, you made me like this.
You turned me into this.
The craft of weaving words
You put into me.

Truly you were,
A friend,
A father,
And a teacher.