Sitting down
My thoughts are scattered
They’re sinking into oblivion
I neither feel alone
Nor am I lonely
I’m in deep thoughts
My mind wondering
I’m isolating myself from others
Because I want to have a closer look
At this miserable life

So I continue to wonder
Where is this life going?
How long will it take before things shift from the worst to the best?
But all answers elude me
So, here I am
Scratching my head with my long nails
I neither feel the itch, nor the sensitivity
I’m simply trying to reflect on the past
Because I want to count my success and failures
I continue to wonder
What have I achieved in the past?
Am I progressing or regressing?
But I’m just clueless

Here I am
Contemplating so hard
About life in general
I neither have stress nor have I depression
I really need to know where this life leads to
But I’ve no idea
Then I keep wondering
What’s my purpose on Earth?
How will I endure hardship towards my destiny?
But, my mind is blank

Here I am
Focusing on the future
I neither deny my past shortcomings
Nor celebrating my breakthrough in advance
I just want to turn things around
But, I don’t know if this dream will be a reality
Yes, I keep wondering
Will tomorrow, still be the same?
Will I achieve my future goals?
But, still not sure

Here I am
Raising a hand to my forehead
I neither produce shade for my eyes
Nor give a salute to anyone
I simply want to look for good signs of the bright future
But yet no signs
I’m still wondering
Are there any visible rays of hope?
Will the sun shine brightly upon me?
But things still seem unclear

Here I am
Eventually feeling hopeful and positive
I’m looking forward to a better tomorrow with much interest
I’m no longer thinking and no longer wondering
Because the future seems very bright
With unlimited opportunities now visible for me to grab