Her smile, a golden temple,
comes out like sunshine on the morning dew.
It shines and lights up everything around it,
so bright with eyes so tight, like our love.
I have walked a mile in her smile
and it took me ahead of time.
A smile so precious and rare,
from a beautiful, elegant dame.
Her smile brings me happiness
on a golden plate.
A smile so special from a soul
confidante and soulmate.
Her smile gives me strength and faith,
it is natural and real and really rare.
It is covered by her soft and shiny lips
that she treats with care.
She never runs out of smiles;
she always has a spare.
She never surrenders
her lovely smile to despair.
Her smile has good leadership skills,
it is fair.
You attain her smile
without submitting a fare.
Her smile makes my heart flare,
in joy, love, comfort and care.
It supplies positive vibes
and feels like fresh air.
Her smile is never a dare
but a logical and an angelic flair.
In her beautiful smile I reside,
it is my lair.