Underneath the sky above,
Carrying thousands of stars.
I couldn’t believe my eyes,
In her reflection behind my back.
Affections pulled myself to its consignations.

Herself in the window in front,
Out of the crowd with traffic.
Her reflection in my lens
Through the window.
That suddenly turned to be my mirror.

‘Hello!’, That’s my greeting to the girl.
Her voice left me dead in my world.
Quickly, Heaven of Love was our new world.
That’s the beginning of new memories,
In my heart to love the girl.

The mirror in my mind now
Could remind, her meet with me.
Could always reflect her love.
I better hold on to break not.
Once broken, her love could fade.

The mirror in my dreams,
Could keep me in affections.
I should keep dreaming and awake not,
That’s Love in my mirror