From the moment I fell for her
The same time I gave myself to her
It was the first time I met her
The very day she loved me

All I dreamed that moment was I and her
My entire mind thought about was new memories
My eyes saw was her perfection.
All my nostrils could smell was her sweet perfume

Her name was waving in my sight
Like a blazing star in my sky blue
Suddenly I felt part of me extracting
To fly such that to hold her name

I couldn’t believe what was
Shining in her face
Like it was resembling
The sky-above
All what I saw was her new name
I felt a voice from the deep calling
Her new name so sweet

My heart felt so deep
Stars were flowing to scribe
Like a stream to form her new name
A deep voice spelled the written name.

Followed by my lips to spell
My tongue felt so sweet
And my heart taste the sweetness of her name
As i spell her written new name ‘Edgette’