“I am a phenomenal woman phenomenally,”
Words spoken by those who try to uplift me,
but do they know of the conversations with my mirror?
I have dedicated myself to the identity of his anger.
He pricks my skin and I allow it, that is my allowance
in my encouragement of his progress.
I am yours in the eyes of people cause I made it be,
my soul left my body a long time ago as an act of protection.
Where do you run to when your shield becomes your enemy?
These last teardrops are for the screams I hope my kids don’t hear.
The bed we lie in has turned into a dream where
the breeze of the ocean is the only intuition, in reality,
the sheets are an aftermath of decimation.
I see the hands of aid, but let me suppress this hate,
let me leave when I have forgiven his fate of perversion and abuse.
I need to mould his hands into the nearest sense of purity, l
ive my love, you were only lost in an improper world,
my liberation will also be yours,
for the seeds we have created still seek a system that endorses a bond of unity in the subject of love.