In the midst of the night
At the crack of dawn
At the hottest point of the day
I sit and ponder the thoughts that linger in my mind

The pain clutches at my heart
I don’t know what to do
I try to recollect my thoughts
Think thoroughly about the cause
But to my bewilderment
There’s not even a single clue

Every day is a pull
Every day it’s a struggle
I’m bound in chains
I don’t know how to get free from
Nobody seems to notice
Because the smile on my face does wonders
But the person behind feels weary

As the dawn breaks
I realise it’s a new day
I know the toughest battle has begun
The urge to keep my tears at bay
I soldier on and keep the track
‘Cause the race has to be finished

It’s always a lot to carry
Sometimes too much to bear
But that smile on someone else’s face
Is all I need to keep my heavy emotions staggering back
The mere thought that someone out there
Still cares to look at me and smile
It’s just out of this world