Sunday morning
It’s cold, windy, too hot
A day different from other days
A resting day
And truly speaking sometimes
I don’t feel like waking up
But it’s the only way
To start my week

Sunday morning
For some it’s at 8am, 9am or 2pm
For me it’s 10am
Coming to a place of worship
A place to hear the Word
“He who has an ear let him
Hear what the spirit says,”

A place where I can leave my burdens
A place where I get delivered
A place where I can sing and dance
Without feeling embarrassed
Rejoice for the Lord is in this place

A place where you find instructions
To reach heaven
A place where entrance is free
The only cost is your time
Just come
For He died on the cross for me and you

A place where both the young and old
Are both welcomed at the same time
“For I (Jesus) am the way, the truth and the life,”

Do you know this place?
Have you been to this place?
Maybe once or twice
Maybe you haven’t been there

Let me tell you
This place is called church
So this Sunday make sure you’re there
And trust me you won’t be disappointed