I have unspoken words, unexpressed feelings,
Lots of unsolved issues, unsent messages, unexplainable emotions.

They said, if you don’t talk about how you feel, you will never heal.
I don’t trust anyone I can’t open up to easily,
They said, write about it.
My pen is broken and I burnt all my books,
They said, that sounds like an excuse,
I said, let me get drunk, maybe I’ll be good.
They said, when youโ€™re sober your troubles will still be there.
I said, but still that doesn’t mean she will still be here she is gone for good.
They said, so why can’t you move on too?
I would if only I was able to trust again, but I can’t deal with another heartbreak,
empty promises and lies
They said, so you were in love?
I said, yes but with someone who doesn’t wanna be loved.
They said, we feel your pain so wipe those tears we got you bro.

But I want her not someone else,
I wanna laugh, smile and hold hands.
They said, suit yourself you are so damaged just call the girl.
I can’t.
They asked, why?
I said, because I am mastering and painting the art of letting go.