I haer your silent ways .
Your smokey thoughts .
And I can see your colours in the dark .
The sncenes of you leaving me were not nightmares they were real .
You robbed my heart .
You toyed my emotions .
Aftera your a soccer player.
You said you can not live without me , yet you breath most without me.
You left me scared in a tin .
Ghosts haunted me ,Ioved you mistakenly.
Now our memories will live in me forever .
You called me perculier I called you my soldier of love .
But we lost the battle ,you gave up too quick.
And I stay with all the bad things you did while you left with the sweet ones.
I stood hanging waiting for your call , waiting for you.
You never came.
You had already left .
Left me in stitches with a broken boquet of roses.